Emanuel D. Rahn

Full-Stack Web Developer, DevOps Engineer

Semper Verum

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About me

From my earliest years I was pushed onto a very technical path for my life. In my very early life my father bought a PC. I don't remember everything but I do remember being very curious! I spent so much time on Computers throughout my childhood that my parents actually had to force me to go outside. I wrote my first calculator with Visual Basic. A couple of years later I tried developing a video game with the Unity Engine. As you might be able to guess, I wasn't able to build a whole video game all on my own. When I reached early adulthood I was working at a place that needed a new website. I said I could do it. I had never eben written a single line HTML, CSS, PHP, JS or anything web development related. But I learned it. That is my biggest strength. I can truly teach myself anything, given enough time.


Everything Tech related from Development over Hosting to Automation. More precisely I know: React, Next.js, TypeScript/JavaScript, Node.js, Nest.js, C#, Python, PHP, Perl. I also enjoy to play the Piano.


German is my native language, but I speak English just as well, if not even better. I was taught Russian when I was a kid and I'm currently refreshing the language. I'm also actively learning Latin! I plan to learn French next and I'd like to learn spanish after that.

Personal Goals

I'm very interested in everything DIY (Do It Yourself). That is not limited to Tech however. In the very near future I plan to go Bow Hunting. Also, I want to go skydiving and wingsuiting. Later I will learn to fly a plane, as well as sail a boat. All of this I will achieve before my 30th Birthday!